Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my current battle...

is with this head of mine. The day after my mom left, about 2 weeks after Mercy was born, I started having headaches. Bad ones. Not migraines, I don't think, because I wasn't sensitive to light, etc. But bad enough that I couldn't function normally and would have to take tylenol...then my ear clogged. So I thought, sinus blockage. I heated my face, I steamed, I took Sudafed, I drank loads of water, I took Vitamin C...basically anything anyone recommended, I tried. Not much difference. So I did the Neti pot, and saline wash, etc. Not much difference. Then my eyes began to ooze. In a weird way. So I went to the doctor. Got a steroid shot and drops. Better for about 3 days. Then back to the headaches. Right before vacation it got really bad again and the doctor called in some Flonase. Some improvement, but not consistent. But we went on vacation in the City. I didn't have trouble there in the same way as at home. Some headaches, but not as bad. I don't think I had to take any OTC pain relief the whole time. Then we came home. Headaches again and bad. When I bend over to pick things up, around 11:00 a.m., around 5:00 p.m....I wake up with's just constant and this morning I woke up with a clogged ear again--WHAT?????

I've gone through so many 'theories' : sinus infection, blockage, hypertension, TMJ, spinal misalignment, hormones, could I be allergic to our new house?... who knows??

All this to say, that, this morning, I am heading back to the doctor. It's been 2 months of this and I need some relief. I want to be a good momma. My children and husband need some relief too. It's really just supposed to be our 2 month check-up but we'll be dealing with my head too :-)

So please pray. Pray for discovery of the problem. Pray for relief.

P.S. Due to the complain-y nature of this post, I feel I should apologize to anyone who just stopped by to check in on the kids...they are great...loving school and daily praying that their momma's headaches go away so we can get back to normal once more. Sorry. :-)


JJ said...

Have your house tested for mold. Even if you can't see any visible mold, it can cause many many nasty health issues, many of which you are describing. It could be in the carpet, in the walls, in furnace/air conditioner filters, etc.

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