Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Application has been received!

We just got an email from our agency saying that our application has been received and, I'm assuming, intact. It is now in process and they are sending the BIG SCARY BINDER--I always think of it in caps, don't know why, it just always carries this forboding with it...I guess all the paperwork and bajillion steps that are within lend themselves to the caps.

So we will wait for the BIG BINDER and follow the steps that are laid out in it...eek!

I've been talking with our home study company and, while we haven't set the date just yet, we are working on it!

We'll be gone to Germany from Aug. 1-7 so we'll have to pick up all of this when we get back (although we are thinking about lugging the laptop just in case we have a chance to finish the home study application in the evenings :-) )

Thank you for continuing to pray!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

a little more information...

So we don't really have any new news, of course--the application hasn't even crossed the ocean yet probably. But I thought I'd give you a rundown of who we are seeking at this point so you can better pray.

On the application we have noted that we are seeking a baby girl, from Ethiopia. At this time we haven't asked for any more than one child, but if the opportunity presents itself we are prepared :-)

Since we have asked for a baby and we are so early in this long, long process, she probably hasn't even been born yet. Maybe, but probably not--although she may be in utero at this time, so you can join us in praying for her birth mother and for baby girl's development in the womb.

Also, I have begun my study of Ethiopia...I found the Wikipedia article succinct enough to pass on to ya'll ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethiopia ) ...and did you know that people claim that Ethiopia was the birthplace of coffee??

...And I also didn't realize that the land of Cush is widely accepted to be Ethiopia...which is mentioned for the first time in Chapter 2 of Genesis when it is listing the 4 rivers that flowed from Eden. I love that! I thought I was living in an ancient city...and then I come across Ethiopia...WOW!!

Since the Lord brought us to Rome, I have loved all references to this city in the Bible...and now my heart is being drawn also toward Ethiopia, the birthplace of our fourth child and I find myself even more thankful for Phillip and his willingness to take the gospel to the Ethiopian eunuch...this is how the gospel was first brought to Ethiopia!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So here we are, at the very beginning...again. We are finally starting the process...the long, intense process of adopting a child.

Our hearts have been yearning for this for so many years and this morning, Jared had the privilege of actually dropping our application, along with the sizable--non-refundable check into the Italian post office box. We pray that it reaches the States...in one piece.

Please walk this journey alongside of us. We are full of anticipation for the time (~year?!?) ahead of us. We will use this blog to specifically walk through the process with you, our friends and family--you all have been so faithful to support us with your prayers and encouragement in our ministry--please continue to pray for this part of our life as well!!

We love you all!!