Monday, January 25, 2010

Documents are out of our hands now!

That's right! Jared was able to pick up AND mail the translations this morning! So they are now on their way to GA. I haven't received any word that GA has received the documents I mailed 2 weeks ago, so we could be in for a very long wait still as our little letters truck their way across the big blue ocean. But at least we are finished (we hope) chasing down and procuring documents.

Please pray that our dossier is completed in record time and that we have referrals start coming in February.

We are ready to see our baby girl's face!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Standing in the Gap

We don't know these people, they are friends of some friends of ours...but I've been riveted following their blog. They are working with an organization like ours, but different. Their family has been living and working in Port au Prince, Haiti for a while-- they were, of course, there during the earthquake. By the grace of God, they are able to find a snippet of time during their day to post as they do all they can to help in the chaos and tragedy and devastation. I'm pretty sure that one of the only reasons they bother with posting on their blog is to remain connected with people who will pray and hold the ropes for please read it, and stand in this vast gap for them and for the people they are in contact with. Thanks.

Monday, January 18, 2010

what's new?

So I know, I know, I said I would try to be better. I really stink at this consistency thing. Sorry guys! I know it's frustrating. We've had an interesting Christmas season and things are just now starting to get back to normal.

To update you all, we are still on the paper trail. We really thought we would be finished before now, but we ran into some snags with needing some documents translated and a couple of other things so we are still working on getting our dossier completed. I am hopeful that we will have it complete by the end of the month though. Jared is out this morning trying to get the documents translated and we have received our missing employment letters and I have been assured that the final reference letter will be sent in soon--so hopefully by the end of the month we will have all of our documents ready!! Will you all pray with us for this?

I'm starting to compile lists of things that we need to buy when the time comes--it's kind of fun to shop online for swaddling blankets and baby carriers and bags--I've had a good time! Of course I'm just window shopping right now-- when I have to think about the money it won't be quite as fun :-)

Also, we are running into timing issues as our time frame gets extended. We have teams lined up to come and work with us in June and we need to be settled back in Rome before that time. This means that we would really love to be finished traveling before the end of May. For those of you familiar with the waiting times for medical and court dates, etc. you know what an impossible request this is. We are confident that our God is in control of our timeline, teams, travel, etc. He knows what is best. We want the perfect timing even if it's not what we think is best--but please join us in praying that God will work things out miraculously!!

Continue to pray for our daughter! She has probably entered the world and I have been really burdened to pray for her health and safety. Please join us in this!

Okay, these pictures have nothing to with our adoption, but just for fun, here you go!

Our kids at Christmas

Judah after opening his birthday presents--roaring like a dinosaur!

Blowing out his birthday candles--he is 3 now!

Elijah with his big birthday cookie!

Waiting for all of his friends to get to the party--playing calcietto!

They all sang 'Happy Birthday"--we were prepared with "Tanti Auguri" but they thought it was fun to sing it in english!

They really know how to do birthday candles here!