Saturday, March 13, 2010

more hiccups

Ah, yes, the path of adoption is peppered with speed bumps...hiccups, if you will.

The hiccup of the moment comes in the form of government re-evaluation of their country's adoption program, laws, process, and US investigation of the 70-something agencies that adopt out of Ethiopia. Our agency was the first to pass investigation thankfully, but it has, nevertheless, made things go more slowly. All of this will also be changing the process (mainly with the visas) and requirements for adoptive parents (all adoptive parents may be required to travel twice), we are not sure how many of the changes will directly effect us, but since we have yet to receive a referral, we may face the bulk of these as we may not be far enough along in the process to squeak by unaffected. We are fortunate, though because most countries, when facing major overhaul such as this, will completely halt the entire program while they work things out...that could take years. So we are thankful that this has not been the case and there is even a rumor floating around that the Ethiopia government is going to lobby the courts to put all of this off for a year...we will see...there are tons of rumors out there right now.

So that's the latest explanation of why you haven't heard much from me lately...Sorry about that. We wait and we watch the emails and we pray.