Thursday, September 30, 2010

delayed! never gets easier...

So I have wanted to post new news for so long...but nothing has changed much. Then, one glorious day two weeks ago, we received a bundle of new pictures where the photographer had spent a LOT of time coaxing a smile out of our (hopefully) baby girl--and the hard work paid off in such a BEAUTIFUL way!! But I didn't think it fair to post about pictures that you can't yet I stayed silent.

Today, I was hoping to sign on to be able to tell you of the news of a successful court date for the children's birth family since today, September 30th, was the date they were to appear in court to complete the placement of E and E up for adoption. But I don't get to do that either. Instead I get to tell you that we've once again been delayed...but thankfully this time it isn't months, only days :-). The courts have just recently reopened after the rainy season and they have accumulated so many cases over the break that there was not time to hear them all today--and there is only one judge hearing all of the our case has been tabled until Monday.

God has a big plan for us, for our (hopefully) kids, for our family...we trust His timing. We ask that, if you weren't already since I hadn't reminded everyone of the court date, please be praying for the results of Monday to be completely guided by the Lord. It's a difficult situation for me to know how to pray...objectively, that is. I can very selfishly pray that the kids will be ours with only a fleeting prayer for peace for the family who is giving them up...but I don't want to do that. I want so much for God to be glorified very clearly in the way this plays out and I know, from experience, that God could have a different outcome in mind for our (hopefully) kids and, also from experience, I know this will be for their best. I want that for them...I want that for all of us. So please pray as God leads you. Pray for Monday to be in His hands and for us to trust Him completely with the path of our whole family. Pray for peace for Jared and I as satan really likes to use situations and delays to bring doubt and steal our joy.

We love you guys! Can't wait for the days we can share pictures of our waiting (hopefully) children...

P.S. There's only 10 more days til we catch our flight to Addis for our own court date! Remember us as we prepare for this as well!!