Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Application has been received!

We just got an email from our agency saying that our application has been received and, I'm assuming, intact. It is now in process and they are sending the BIG SCARY BINDER--I always think of it in caps, don't know why, it just always carries this forboding with it...I guess all the paperwork and bajillion steps that are within lend themselves to the caps.

So we will wait for the BIG BINDER and follow the steps that are laid out in it...eek!

I've been talking with our home study company and, while we haven't set the date just yet, we are working on it!

We'll be gone to Germany from Aug. 1-7 so we'll have to pick up all of this when we get back (although we are thinking about lugging the laptop just in case we have a chance to finish the home study application in the evenings :-) )

Thank you for continuing to pray!!


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