Wednesday, August 17, 2011

JJ was right...

I think.

After the CTscan came back normal today, we started checking the house over and mold. Apparently the house had leaks before and the mold moved in right about when the old owners moved out. Then the house sat vacant for a long time...then we moved in. Yippee.

I have always been allergic to mold but it never presented itself in this way. Well, to be fair, I never lived in a home with this much mold either.

So we are eradicating it...scratch that--JARED is eradicating it. I can't even walk in the bathroom without my eyes tearing up and my face burning. Weird, huh?

We've got the air purifier running and Jared is scrubbing away. I bought tile and grout and other handy tools to help us tile the floor after the mold is dead. I hope that in a few weeks, the headaches will be a thing of the past as the mold ceases to exist within our home.

If you have any advice, we would gladly accept it :-) We aren't the handiest of people...


JJ said...

Be oh so so so so careful when working with mold. Jared needs to be wearing the proper mask, using gloves, etc. I will try and find the links that I know of and email you personally. It can be very dangerous when working with mold. Oh man, I will be praying like crazy for you guys.

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