Tuesday, May 11, 2010

lots of time in between...

And we are still waiting. Before we mailed out our dossier, there were tons of babies. We got emails from our agency urging us to finish up our paper work because there were so many children that some were in danger of going on the waiting children list because there were no paper-ready parents...so we scrambled, sent it all in, the papers flew over the big blue ocean and arrived to a full waiting list and no babies...and that's where we have been for 2.5 months now. To be fair, the agency estimation on referral wait times is somewhere between 3-4 months...so technically we are still 'ahead' of schedule. But it seems like we are behind, because so many people receive referrals much more quickly than this--which, I guess is why our agency warns against comparing your timeline to those of other families ahead of you in the process...good advice, impossible, but good.

Here's what we face now: With the delay in referrals possibly being another month or two, that will push us up against the rainy season in Ethiopia, which lasts for several months, somewhere from the end of August to close to December, and NO court dates or Embassy dates are assigned because everything shuts down for the rains. All of this means that we could receive a referral for baby girl in July and not be able to go and get her until December or January! (that is a teeny bit exaggerated as I can't remember the exact rainy season, but...Yikes!) Talk about hard waiting, I think it's hard to wait now and I don't even know who she is...I can't imagine how difficult it is once you have a face, a name, etc.

So please join us in praying for patience and for peace in the waiting...that we will continue to trust God in a big way with the timing of all of this. He has a wonderful plan, the perfect child for us, and it is ALL good...we want to be renewed in our trust and faith as the waiting wears us down. So please be faithful to pray for us. We need your support :-)

Thank you all.


Jennifer M said...

Hi Rebekah, We "met" online awhile ago when you were researching your agency, so I don't know if you would remember me. I'm still following along on your blog. :-)

Anyway, we adopted our son through IAG a few months ago. We quickly rushed to put together our dossier too. It hit the main office on 6/1/2009 (almost a year ago now) and we received our referral the very next day- 6/2/2009. Similar situation as to what you mentioned. However, we were then caught up in the rainy season. The courts shut down last summer from 8/24 to 10/9. We finally got the notification that we had been assigned a court date towards the middle of October, and our court date was 11/10. We passed the first time! We then traveled about 5.5 weeks later, and our son arrived home on 12/26 forever and ever.

June 2nd to December 26th. Oh my goodness that was the longest and hardest and most stressful and heartbreaking wait I've ever experienced in my life.

All that to say that if you do get your referral, and you do get stuck in the rainy season, know that you have a shoulder! It is so incredibly hard. But as they say, God's timing is perfect, and while I ranted and questioned why, why, why during those very long 6 months, when Gavriel arrived home, it took less than one week for me to understand the bigger pictre of why it took so long for him to come home. It didn't heal my heart completely (my heart is still bruised from all that lost time), but my mind clearly understands why it happened the way it did, and in many ways, I'm grateful. I know that sounds odd!

Anyway, I will be praying for you- for patience and strength, perfect timing, and understanding the reasons for the timing if possible. And of course for a quick referral and quick court date!! :-)

The Summers said...

wow..I didnt know/think about all that stuff. praying for ya sister!

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