Thursday, December 2, 2010


That's right! We JUST received word that we can appear at the Embassy in Addis on the 8th! That's 4 days before we need to be on the ground in Addis! WHAT?!?!?

So this is brief but I HAD to gather as much prayer as I possibly could.

We are desperately searching for flights...we have a travel agent working on it with us. We are praying that we can all fly together, even if we can't all sit together, and that we can AFFORD what these last minute tickets will cost! We are flying with 5 from Rome to Addis, then with 7 from Addis to Oklahoma City (or Dallas).

PLEASE PRAY that the details work out. Pray that God shows His sovereignty in a MIGHTY way through all of this...because we all know that there is NO way something of this magnitude will work out without the direction of the Lord!!

We will let you know what we find out!!


Jessica said...

How exciting! No time to wait now:) I've been following your journey since I saw your cuties on the waiting child flyer. We are waiting for a court date for our 8 year old girl "R" in Mekele. This is our second adoption this year with IAG (We'll have 6 kids too when she gets home). Glad you finally get to all be together. What a great Christmas gift and what an adventure to do it all together as a family. May God bless you and keep you!


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