Saturday, July 3, 2010

court date soon?

Well, we've been informed that our file was opened in court on Thursday!! and on Friday we were asked to submit a couple more missing documents. These documents are required under the new regulations and our agency didn't think we would need them, but alas, the courts said we did. Hopefully this won't cause any delay in receiving our court assignment.
If all goes as we hope, by Wednesday we will to hear of our court date, set sometime in the next 3-6 weeks...we're, of course, hoping for 3 :-) the sooner the better!

I know this is just a short update, but that's all the info we have for the moment!
Thanks for praying us through this!


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The Wagner Family said...

Hi. I got to your blog from Heidi's. Our family is in the beginning processes of paperwork, etc. Would you mind letting me know which papers they needed so I can make sure we have them? My email is Thank you :)

Jennifer M said...

Hopefully 3 weeks!

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